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Haven't blogged in a while - Damn You, Facebook

I'm thinking about doing Script Frenzy in April so I've been gathering all the various writings I've got and one of the places I looked was here.  So I spent the morning re-reading my journal.  Some of it's good.  A lot is boring.

I liked the first few entries where I was a Hollywood wannabe mad at Frank Digbee.

Anyway, for Script Frenzy I have several choices.
1.  A thriller I started as a writing exercise for my first NaNo.  The bit is actually here on LiveJournal at jimisen.livejournal.com/15734.html
2. My second NaNo novel rewritten as a film.  San Francisco, New Orleans, the Philippines, Japan.  Alice Roosevelt, Wooblies, Sex. 1906.
3. My space opera.  I already have a couple of pages of script.  Out-of-work asteroid miner versus corporate villains.
4. 'A One-Act Play' - a local playwright overhears and uses a conversation in act one.  Act two is the one-act play he writes.  Act three is the audience member who recognizes the scene because they were in it reliving the original which is unlike the playwright's imagined scene.
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