jimisen (jimisen) wrote,

Does the Oregon tax propoasl really mean 22% increase in state income tax?

The FreedomWorks website, http://www.freedomworks.org/publications/oregons-latest-tax-hike-scheme, describes the proposed increase in state income taxes thus: "The tax increase punishes the middle class with a 22 percent increase in taxes on small and family businesses."

Is this a realistic characterization of the tax increase?

For a single taxpayer:
The tax increases from .9 to .108 for Taxable Income between $125,000 and $250,000 and .11 for income above $250,000.
Take a single tax payer making $325,000 gross a year. in the mid 1990's the average deduction for those making between $100k and $200k was $65k. Let's assume our payer can do as well in the late Aughts. So the taxable income drops to $260k. Oregon tax under the current rates would be about $23187. Under the higher rates, it would be about $25637. I'm not taking into account any Oregon=only adjustments or deductions.

The actual increase is about $2450 or slightly more than a 10% increase in the state tax owed.

The payer would only see a 22% increase where the amount of income below $125,000 was an insignificant portion of the total income. At $500k the effective increase is ~16%. At $2M it's ~20%. At 4M it's ~21.5%. So the single taxpayer with taxable income of $4M would owe an addition $78k, about 1 week's salary.
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